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Truck Speed signs in Washington State AND other unknown information

Posted by Joyce Heritage | Jun 17, 2024 | 0 Comments

The truck speed signs on the highways can be misleading for other drivers.  CDL drivers know that the speed for them is 60 not 70 MPH.  However, did you know that the speed for persons driving combo vehicles, meaning drivers driving a vehicle pulling a trailer or boat, are also limited to 60 MPH, not 70 MPH?   Yes, that is true.  The WSP does not give a lot of tickets for this, but they do sometimes.  

Another little know law is that CDL truck drivers and combo drivers are not allowed to drive in the 3rd lane.  WSP does not give a lot of tickets for this, but they can and sometimes do. 

I have also seen Law Enforcement issue a ticket for a license plate that was obscured by a clear plastic holder.  The officer stated that the clear plastic holder obscured the license plate.  If you use a clear plastic holder for your license plate, make sure it can be read at all times through the plastic.  

I learned the other day that you can transfer your vehicle license plate to a new vehicle-- if you want!!   Instructions are on the WA DOL website.  Do not use the old plate until authorization by WA DOL has been given.  

When buying or selling a vehicle, be sure to report the sale of the vehicle or the purchase of a vehicle with WA DOL.  This is required!!   The issues mainly occur for sellers of vehicles.  If you fail to report the sale of your vehicle and the buyer also falls or deliberately does not report the purchase, then if the vehicle is involved in an accident or incurs a towing bill, the seller of the vehicle can be held liable.   So, if you sell a vehicle, it would be wise not to cancel the insurance on the vehicle until you have reported the vehicle sold with WA DOL.  I personally sold a vehicle, reported the sale, and was billed by another State Toll for a fee because the new purchaser did not transfer title.  Luckily, I had reported the sale in WA State and was not required to pay the toll.  You can also be criminally charged for not transferring title on a new or used vehicle purchase in WA State.  You must do so within 30 days-- but it is wise to report the purchase ASAP or prior to driving and obtaining auto insurance.

Speaking of insurance, if you fail to maintain auto insurance on your vehicle, you will be charged a premium for SR22 insurance for a period of six months!!   It is also an expensive ticket if you are caught driving a motor vehicle without insurance-- even if it is not your vehicle and even if you 'thought' the vehicle was insured.  If you drive another vehicle owned by someone else, it is your responsibility to confirm the vehicle is properly licensed and insured.  

Similarly, if you allow another person to drive your vehicle, insured or not, it is a misdemeanor you can be charge with if you knowingly allow a non-licensed person to drive your vehicle.  

Effective May 2025, you will be required to have an Enhanced Driver's License to fly or cross into other countries and back to US.  The Federal Government is requiring this to confirm your citizenship. There is also an additional fee to obtain the Enhanced license. You may still use a Passport or other military documents.  See WA DOL for more details.

Finally, you are required to keep DOL updated with any changes in your personal information and current mailing address.  You can do this on the DOL website or in person at a local DOL. If DOL sends a required notices to you at the address they have on file and it is not delivered because you did not change your address, the DOL notice will be consider successfully delivered to you.

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