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Why fight a traffic Infraction?

Why Fight a Traffic Infraction? 

Pulled over for a traffic infraction, for speeding or for something else, in Kittitas, Grant, Yakima, Benton, Chelan, or other counties throughout Washington?  It is important to know your rights.

  • If you simply pay the fine, you are admitting to the alleged offense and the traffic infraction will show on your record.
  • If you receive a traffic infraction, your insurance company will use that information to determine your insurance rates for at least three years.
  • If you obtain too many infractions, your insurance company may terminate your insurance.
  • If you receive four (4) moving violations in any 12-month period or five (5) moving violations in any 24-month period, you will be put on probation. During the year following your probationary period, you will face suspension of your license if you receive one (1) more moving violation.
  • If you are under the age of 18 and receive two infractions, your license will be suspended. Special care should be used prior to paying or deferring any ticket for any minor with a restricted license. 
  • If you are a CDL driver and receive two (2) or more serious traffic violations in a 3-year period, your license will be suspended.
  • If you obtain twenty (20) or more moving infractions over any five (5) year period, the Department of Licensing (DOL) will be labeled a Habitual Traffic Offender and your license will be revoked for four or more years.
  • Following any suspension, you will be required to maintain SR22 insurance (high risk insurance) for a period of three (3) additional years.
  • In many instances, the attorneys at Heritage Law Office are able to keep the infraction off of your record, thus saving you money in the long run.
  • Heritage Law Office serves clients in Kittitas (Upper and Lower), Benton, Chelan, Okanogan, and Yakima counties, as well as other counties on request.
  • Contact Heritage Law Office first and if we do not practice in the area you obtained your infraction we will refer you to another qualified traffic attorney.
  • At Heritage Law Office, we represent individuals and commercial drivers who have received traffic violations in Washington courts, both district courts and municipal courts.

Attorney Joyce Heritage has almost two decade of experience as a traffic infraction lawyer and is prepared to represent you at hearings and protect your driver's license.  We offer a military, student and CDL discount.  We are happy to discuss your options and explain your rights.  

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