We Can Help With DOL Hearings Anywhere in Washington

Have you been arrested on suspicion of DUI?  Is your license subject to suspension for failure to appear in court on a traffic matter or failure to pay a traffic fine?  Are you subject to a license suspension due to numerous speeding tickets or other traffic violations?  If your license is subject to suspension for these or other matters and you need an attorney to represent you at an administrative Department of Licensing (DOL) hearing, we can help.

At Heritage Law Office, our traffic defense lawyer represents clients throughout Eastern, Central and Western Washington.  We concentrate in traffic defense to provide clients with the knowledgeable and highly qualified representation they require.  In addition to defending clients against traffic tickets and traffic crimes, we represent clients at administrative driver's license suspension hearings (DOL hearings).

What You Should Know

If you retain us, we will request a hearing on your behalf.  You have limited time to request one, so it is critical that you contact our office immediately to protect your rights.

Administrative DOL hearings are different from criminal trial and contested traffic hearings.  We typically handle these hearings by phone and our clients are typically not present for the hearing.

The defenses that may be raised at a DOL hearing are more limited than at a criminal trial or contested traffic ticket hearing.  However, there are defenses that may be used to challenge your license suspension.  Given the technical nature of these hearings, it is a decided advantage to have an experienced traffic defense attorney who understands the law, the hearing process and the defenses that may be raised on your behalf.

Learn More About License Suspension Hearings

We serve clients in Kittitas County throughout Eastern, Central and Western Washington.  To speak with a DOL hearing attorney, contact our law office in Cle Elum.  We offer a free phone consultation.  For assistance, call 509-899-5375 or 425-397-9400.  You may also contact us by email.