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Benton County

We handle all types of traffic infractions and criminal misdemeanors in Benton County District Court in Kennewick or Prosser.   From DUIs to speeding tickets. 

For CDL drivers, there is a weigh station in Kennewick, so we see many CDL violations from this county.  We are experienced in fighting overweight, logbook, seatbelt, cellphone, and failure to obey violations.  In addition, we see many CDL Suspended and Driving a CMV without a CDL violations, which are both criminal and can have serious penalties against a CDL.

We are also able to dispute and overcome some CDL inspection reports associated with traffic infractions found not committed. 

This is a larger court system in comparison to other courthouses in Eastern Washington, but we have a good working relationship with the prosecutors in Benton County.  Likewise we are familiar with the judges.  We are typically successful in having cases dismissed or amended to a more favorable charge, such as a non-moving violation.

Counties We Serve

We serve counties and cities throughout Washington State, including Kittitas, Benton, Chelan, Okanogan, Othello, Ritzville, Spokane, Walla Walla, and Yakima. Contact Heritage Law Office for more information.