Fighting To Protect Your CDL In Washington

As a trucker, bus driver or other commercial vehicle operator, your commercial driver's license (CDL) is your livelihood.  Keeping your driving record clean is imperative.

If you have been stopped by law enforcement for an alleged traffic violation, do not put your career in jeopardy by failing to retain qualified legal counsel.  Let an experienced traffic defense attorney challenge your ticket or your criminal traffic charge.

At Heritage Law Office in Kittitas County, our traffic defense lawyer serves clients throughout Eastern, Central and Western Washington.  We concentrate in traffic defense to provide clients with the knowledgeable and highly qualified representation they require.  We defend clients against all CDL violations, including:

  • Logbook violations
  • Weight violations
  • Speeding
  • Maintenance violations
  • Winter chain requirements
  • Equipment failure
  • Failure to properly secure loads
  • Unsafe driving in adverse weather conditions
  • Negligent and reckless driving
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or prescription medications
  • Refusal to test
  • Leaving the scene of an accident
  • Improper lane changes
  • Following a vehicle too closely
  • Driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) without a valid CDL
  • Driving a CMV with a suspended or revoked CDL
  • Driving a CMV without a CDL in the driver's possession

We handle all CDL traffic tickets, criminal traffic charges and administrative driver's license suspension hearings (DOL hearings).  We have helped many commercial drivers protect their driving records and stay on the road.  Our first goal is to get your ticket or charge dismissed, but if that is not possible, we can seek a reduction to a nonmoving violation or pursue another case resolution that minimizes the impact of your traffic ticket or charge.  As a holder of a CDL, you are not eligible for a deferred prosecution.

We understand how important it is to keep your driving record clean and to protect your CDL. Should you retain us as your legal counsel, you will have a strong advocate on your side.

Logbook Violations

Have you been accused of falsifying a logbook?  Have you been accused of providing false information about the number of hours you drove in a particular state or on a particular day or week?  These and other alleged logbook violations are serious matters that could impair your driving record and impact your ability to maintain your commercial driver's license.

Fortunately, an experienced traffic defense attorney can challenge these and other alleged CDL violations in several ways.  We encourage you to contact our office immediately if you have received a traffic ticket for a logbook violation or other CDL violation.

Winter Chain Requirements

Snow and ice can cause vehicles to lose traction.  Washington law has special rules for vehicles with a gross weight of more than 10,000 pounds.  For such vehicles, the law requires the use of chains when traffic control signs are marked "Chains Required," as well as when signs are marked "Traction Tires Required. "  In addition, all such vehicles must carry a minimum of two extra chains for use in case road conditions worsen or road chains break.  Such chains must not be plastic and must adhere to requirements set forth by state statute [WAC 204-24-050].

Contact A Commercial Driver's License Attorney Today

We serve clients throughout Eastern, Central and Western Washington.  To speak with a CDL violations attorney, contact our law office in Cle Elum.  We offer a free phone consultation.  For assistance, call 509-899-5375 or 425-397-9400.  You may also contact us by email.