Real, Experienced Help With Speeding Tickets

Every year, more than a million tickets are issued in Washington.  Most drivers simply pay their tickets.  Many do not understand that there are ways to fight speeding tickets.  Many drivers do not understand the potential ramifications of paying a traffic fine, which equates to admitting guilt.  Others attempt to fight their ticket on their own, without the experience or legal tools to ensure the best result.

At Heritage Law Office, our traffic defense attorneys serve clients throughout Eastern, Central and Western Washington.  If you have received a speeding ticket, let us put our experience to work for you.

Why hire an attorney who is not local and familiar with the court or someone who will charge you for travel time?

We concentrate in traffic defense to provide clients with the knowledgeable representation they require.  We have a strong knowledge of local court procedures, judges and prosecutors.  Using our knowledge of the law and our experience in traffic defense, we will provide a vigorous defense on your behalf.

Protect Your Rights

When you pay your speeding ticket, you are admitting guilt and waiving your right to fight the ticket in court.  The fine you pay is only the start.  Paying a speeding ticket will impact your driving record and could result in a rise in your auto insurance rates.  Fighting each ticket is important because drivers who receive multiple moving violations may have their driver's license suspended.

Common Questions And Answers

We understand that many people are reluctant to hire an attorney to fight a speeding ticket.  People who contact our office have many questions:

The officer used a radar gun and it shows that I was over the speed limit.  Do I have a viable defense?

Answer: There are many ways to fight a speeding ticket.  Was the speed-measuring device (usually a radar or laser device) properly calibrated?  Did the officer take necessary measures to obtain a reliable reading of your speed?  Speeding laws are highly technical and police errors may be used to obtain a dismissal of tickets in some cases.  Even in cases in which a dismissal is not possible, we may be able to negotiate with the prosecution to seek a deferral, a plea to a nonmoving violation, mitigation or another favorable outcome, which will minimize the impact of your traffic ticket.

Is fighting a speeding ticket worth the cost of hiring an attorney?

Answer: Paying your speeding ticket could impact your auto insurance rates and may have other adverse consequences now or in the future, such as future employment opportunities.  We offer reasonable rates, and we are known for our willingness to provide candid advice to prospective clients.  If we do not think it is in your interest to retain our services, we will tell you so.  We want your business and referrals in the future.

Will I have to miss work to fight my speeding ticket?

Answer: For the vast majority of traffic cases, including speeding tickets, the answer is no.  Feel free to contact our office for further information.  We offer a free phone consultation and we are pleased to answer your questions.

Visit our FAQ page for answers to other commonly asked questions, or contact our law office for assistance.

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